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To keep you informed on PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe and its new products,  interests, and happenings remember to bookmark these blogs or share them...



As the "blogvoice" for, here is where you will find in depth product descriptions, reviews, new product releases, links to product pages, and diary posts of day to day operations! To keep this blog light and pithy we will make our posts as warm and inviting as we possibly can.  


This is the "blogvoice" for the paper dolls created in PJ's Corner. Rachel Oliver, the twin sister in our children's book, "Twiglet" the Little Christmas Tree, will be your guide through the posts in this paper doll blog. Share your paper doll memories with us and Rachel will present them to the world. Rachel will introduce you to all the paper dolls in PJ's Corner and will announce new paper dolls upon their completion.


As the blogvoice for "Twiglet" the Little Christmas Tree this blog will give you a closer look into a children's story that follows twins Rueben and Rachel Oliver through seven years of discoveries, miracles, and friendships. Read how they discover "Twiglet" each year on a Christmas tree farm near a little town called Snowflake. With links to different parts of the book, insightful posts, and a myriad of pictures and tidbits, come join us in the world of "Twiglet" the Little Christmas Tree...


Just imagine owning a horse that has run wild and free on government lands across the west! Their long mane and tails flowing to the rhythm of their pounding hooves as their muscles ripple under coats of many different colors. This "blogvoice" chronicles two cowboys' training of four Mustangs and a Quarter Horse. TnT give these magnificent animals a second chance through gentle training that imbues their patience, perseverance and their love of horses...

 by pjspaperdoll

The "blogvoice" that posts touching moments from music, life experiences, or blog articles that have touched my heart! I will share these moments with you in prose, verse & with credit where credit is due...with a leitmotif atmosphere that centers around music and family!!!

 by Janey Loree

...the "blogvoice" that chronicles the songs that we sing together. History, memories, lyrics and tidbits about those songs enhance our home recordings. Enjoy...

 by Debbie Cowdrey and Janey Loree

As the "blogvoice" for Starlo's Kennels located in Christmas Valley, Oregon, here you will find pictures of available puppies, updated pictures of Starlo's Cockapoos in their new homes and tips on taking the best care of your four footed friends...

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